SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition Registration

This site allows users to register the software and then obtain a license for the SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition version installed on the controller. This site can also be used to look up an existing Companion Burny Edition license.

About SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition

SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition is an easily implemented true shape nesting solution that allows for the creation of efficient nests by guiding users through the nesting process.

The first time SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition loads on the controller, the user must select one of the following modes:

  • Demonstration. Starts the software in a very limited mode that only allows users to experience the look and feel of the software. Users cannot perform any production work in this mode.
  • Evaluation. Allows the user to run the software for a set number of days. This option disables once one entire evaluation period expires or if the user attempts to change the date settings to extend the evaluation.
  • Full Version. Completely activates the software with an Unlock Code. This code is obtained by registering the software on this site using the Controller ID. When the ID is verified, an Activation Code is generated. The user then uses this code to unlock the software.

SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition comes in multiple configurations depending on which modules are selected during the registration process. The following configurations are available:

  • SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition. Includes the standard software with nesting and NC functions.
  • SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition with UltraSharp. Includes the standard software plus the UltraSharp module, which allows for higher quality holes and edges when cutting.
  • SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition with Remnants. Includes the standard software plus the remnant module, which allows users to create a remnant sheet using the controller and position coordinates for the actual remnant on the machine bed.
  • SigmaNEST Companion Burny Edition with Remnants and UltraSharp. Includes the standard software plus the UltraSharp and Remnant modules.